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Raid Information
Sign up for every official raid ahead of time in Discord to earn signup EP.
  • Raid composition takes precedence over signup order
  • Raiders will get spots before Members for official EPGP raids.
  • Only mains can signup for official EPGP raids.
  • Use the BENCH option to signup voluntarily for standby
  • 1000 EP signup bonus day of raid (even absence & bench)

If we have more than 40 for a raid, extras will be on standby
On standby, you will receive the full EP for the raid if you:
  • Signed up
  • Stay online during the raid (on an alt is ok)
  • Be able to join the raid when asked
  • If you show up after the start of the raid, send a message in the signup channel so we have the timestamp.

Raider Rank
Anyone can join the guild as a Member.
Raider rank is given based on these criteria:
  • 2 weeks consistent raiding
  • Officer approval

Raiders have priority over Members:
  • on signup on EPGP Raids if full
  • for EPGP loot if both bid a 1

Raiders can be demoted to Members for going AWOL or other issues.
Switching mains will reset you to Member for 2 weeks unless it was requested by leadership.

Official EPGP Raids vs Unofficial Raids
Current official raids are AQ40 & BWL. These raids will used the EPGP system.
Other raids may be organized by anyone in the guild using on discord in #signup-misc under loot rules set by the organizer.