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EPGP Overview
A good overview of EPGP can also be found at
This system is only used for official raids (currently AQ40 & BWL).

EPGP stands for Effort Points/Gear Points (EP and GP respectively). You earn effort points and divide it by your total spent gear points to determine your Priority Rating (ratio of effort to gear).

The Add-on we use is called EPGP Classic. It is not required to install, but it makes it easier to see everyone's points in-game.
EPGP Standings and log can be viewed at

How GP is Used
Refer to the loot priority page for GP costs per item.
Your GP cannot decay below 100.

Bidding for Loot
When an item drops, the loot master (Jolli) will announce the item and request bids.
All members will be asked to post one of the following numbers in a WHISPER:
  1. Full GP
  2. Half GP
  3. Open roll (0 GP)

You may not bid 1s or 2s on an alt. Please only bid for items you can use, not to sell.
If an item goes to Open Roll, everyone who bid will /roll for the item, reguardless of priority.

The loot master will provide a brief time for members to respond, after which loot will be distributed to the person with the highest bid number, class/spec priority, and PR score (in that order), and GP will be awarded to that person.